Tuesday, June 03, 2003

We had a great Monday. Doug, who has been training with us for a while on the grill/griddle did his first solo run with breakfast/lunch today. He rated himself as doing a C+ job but it was better than that for sure. Everyone was happy. Also, Steve, who had a recent death in his family was back at work today working the evening shift.

We have been selling the bread pudding and it has been going really fast, and everyone seems to like Mike's Caramel Lemon Sauce!!

Our new menus will be ready to be picked up at the printer's tomorrow, so we should have them ready to be handed out by Wednesday when we switch to that menu.

We taste tested our new "fennel" sausage made for us specially by one of the butchers we use. It's heavy on the fennel with some added imported cheese and a nice spicy kick at the end. We let about a dozen customers try it as well and they liked it... They are currently making up a batch of 10 lbs for us for Wednesday.