Thursday, June 19, 2003

We had a busy Monday, and a few glitches like a new waitress who showed up at 11am instead of 9am and had to leave by 12:30. Steve (the elder) stepped into the breach and pulled a double shift on about 4 hours of sleep. While I was off on Tuesday, Alan, our electrician, and with some help from Brent, installed a 35,000 BTU air conditioner above "table 5." It really cools the place down but it blows hard enough to make it difficult to put some specials up on the wall!

We have been running a sloppy joe-like special called Sloppy Schanck, a huge spicy plate of beef and vegetable saute. Jubilat didn't make the Knockwurst for us this week so I'm running their "jumbo" knock; I took the last of the skinnier ones and some bacon and made Japanese style coconut curry special, served of course over Japanese rice. Now of course Curry, Knockwurst and Bacon may never have appeared in the same recipe before.. but they work well together. Besides, Mrs Lee at the market next door loves it!