Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Schnack of our lives

We haven't been getting as many blog mentions lately, but here is one...Glad to see we are helping people celebrate!

"now living in ... Carroll Gardens. We warmed their new pad by noshing on delicious burgers from Schnack, love that special sauce..."

Read the whole bit

Monday, October 24, 2005


Some people don't know Art even when they are staring right at it.. Not a problem in Columbus Ohio!


Same name as the movie, but since 1949 Porky's Drive-in has been a fixture in Mansfield Ohio. Great Coney's (hot dogs, Ohio style!).

No Fries, Chips

While Schnack has a knack for nice french fries, not every place can serve fries... there is the famous saying, "no fries, chips!..."

In Ohio, as I often did in my youth, I stopped by a local chip factory for some warm hot off the line potato chips..

Burger Places

In May (2005) I was in Ohio to eat a lot of road food... We had planned a road food adventure this summer but Water Taxi Beach took over my life...

Here are a few pictures from the road..

3 of them are burger joints and 1 of them (Balyeat's) is a super coffee shop near the Ohio / Indiana border.

Kewpee (Lima)
Balyeat's (Van Wert)
Burger Wagon (1917; Miamisburg)
Crabills (1927; Urbana)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Menu update

We are working on updating our menu. We are going to remove a few items from the menu and feature more specials; some of the regular items being removed will come back as specials (often).

We are also, for the first time since we opened in 2003, having to raise our prices on the burgers. We will be bringing the prices in line with our 4th Ave store, and switching from the current Stahl-Meyer hot dogs to the Stahl-Meyer Black Angus dog (which we sold at Water Taxi Beach and sell currently at Schnack #2 and at Broome Doggs).

We expect to have the new menu in place in Nov or Dec.

In the meantime, single Schnackies are still $1 each, get them while they last.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

It's hard to have a single contest and yet, have two winners. Not a tie, of course as it wasn't even close... so what am I talking about?

It's like this... At Schnack #2 @ the Brooklyn Lyceum we had our 1st Annual Open Burger Eating Contest, and to narrow down the field we had an elimination round followed by the actual contest.

The clear winner of the prelim was Arnie Chowhound Chapman who downed 2 single Schnackies in 18.5 seconds. 2nd place in the prelim went to Gentleman Joe who handled his 2 in 33 seconds... making Chowhound the odds on favorite to win.

Then came the main event. As many burgers as possible in 8 minutes. Chowhound did a respectable 18 burgers (that’s about 2.25 a minute).

Gentleman Joe, who was relaxed and well composed bested everyone with an awesome 21 burgers in 8 minutes or 2.65 per minute.

Joe is a world class gentleman and a world class eater… you can check out his ranking... here

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


We are starting to get our contests signed up. We have a good response but we will be signing people up until Noon on Thurs Oct 13th.

So far we have interest from:
SweetTooth, Chris Carew
Hi Pitch Eric
Jason Harris
Aaron Plenty
"Gentleman" Joe Menchetti - winner of the Stahl-Meyer Schnack Dog eating contest
Chris "The American" Schlessinger
Karl "Galactus Kraemer
nichol perez
John Tobin
Christopher Michael Hightower
Chris DePierro

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Open Contest

We should point out that the Schnack Fall Hamburger Eating Contest is an OPEN contest. The event will be open to all who show up who are 18 or older and in good health.

Pre-registration is, however, required.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Friday, October 07, 2005

Burger Eating Contest, Oct 14th, 227 4th Ave Brooklyn NY 8pm

Announcement: Burger Eating Contest, Oct 14th, 227 4th Ave Brooklyn NY 8pm

Schnack Restaurant is proud to announce our 1st FALL hamburger eating contest. The contest is sponsored by Schnack and the Brooklyn Lyceum. Master of Ceremonies will be independent filmmaker and hamburger documentarian, George Motz. Additional sponsors include: NY Water Taxi and Water Taxi Beach, Jever Pilsener Beer.

The winner will be the person who eats the most burgers in 8 minutes.

Photographs are available of our tiny 1.5 oz burger.

Real New York City food for Real People!

Potential contestants should contact Harry Hawk, via email

Our rules are simple:

1) No deconstructing of the burger and/or bun.

2) Swallowing without sufficient chewing is grounds for disqualification (based solely on the judges' determination).

4) The contest is open to any person 18 years or older, in good health, who is not affiliated with Schnack or any of the sponsors or competitors.

5) Contestants and winner agree to allow use of their likeness in advertising and promotion before, during and after the contest.

6) Contestants 21 years or older can wash down their burgers with a cold mug of Jever Pilsener beer during or after the contest.

The Burger

George Motz rates the Schnack burger one of the top four in NYC. He isn't the only one who likes it.. Our tiny, tasty, and juicy little burger is perfect by itself or 3 or 4 at a time.

The Prize:

The winner will receive prizes from Schnack, The Brooklyn Lyceum, Jever Pilsener Beer, and New York Water Taxi / Water Taxi Beach. Schnack $100 Gift Certificate, 4 free tickets to a musical or stage event, a Hamburger America T-Shirt (size XXL), New York Water Taxi / Water Taxi Beach (a L or XL shirt and a free 2 hour party for 6 people during the 2006 season., Jever Pilsener gift (TBA).

Hamburger America

Following the event, George Motz will screen his documentary Hamburger America, "A documentary about some of the best burgers in America and the people behind them."
George will also answer questions following the screening. Signed copies of Hamburger America will be available for sale.

Schnack and the Brooklyn Lyceum

Schnack is open at the Brooklyn Lyceum 7 days a week. By Oct 7th it will be open for breakfast and dinner. It will be open until 2am or later. Breakfast is from 7am to Noon. Weekend Brunch hours are TBD.


227 4th Ave. Brooklyn NY 11231


Main Media contact
Schnack is a joint venture between Harry Hawk, Alan Harding, and Jim Mamary founded in 2003 and located at 122 Union St., Brooklyn NY , 718 855 2879 serving food 7 days from 11am to 1am, closing at 2am. Contact Harry.

Our second Schnack is now open located at 227 4th Ave at the Brooklyn Lyceum.

ERIC RICHMOND has been a fan of Brooklyn history since he first appeared on
3rd Place in Carroll Gardens in 1988. The more he looked, the more he
learned and the more he respected the talents, drive, and vision of those
that built a city into a national powerhouse of business, art, sports,
culture, and industry.

The Brooklyn Lyceum (a.k.a. Public Bath #7) is his contribution to polishing
up that historical luster.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

New Schnack

Here is some news from the BLOG Sphere... on the new Schnack

Read the News about the new Schnack!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

New Schnack Attacks Park Slope!

It's official..

We are open at 227 4th Ave within the Brooklyn Lyceum (4th Ave. near President Street). We are:

a) open for Breakfast 7am to Noon

b) open when the Lyceum is open

c) starting Monday open 7 days a week

d) open for dinner 5pm until Late..

e) not sure when we are open? Just call 718 857 4816 and ask the friendly staff!

f) need to cater an event for 50 or 200 or 300 people? Schnack @ the Brooklyn Lyceum is a great bet!