Saturday, June 07, 2003

Now they are saying the stove/oven repair guy will not be around until Monday. We made up a batch of brownies anyway and "grilled" them by covering the baking pan w/ foil and heating it on the griddle. They came out good! We still need to make another cheesecake but that will have to wait until the oven is ready.

Last night was the second Friday night in a row that we did a great late night business. Last Friday at 11pm we had 20 people in the room. Yesterday we had even more. So we kept our doors and phone lines open until 11:30 and the last people left around 11:50. If this keeps up we will change our hours on Friday and stay open til Midnight.

DJ Zebra Blood and Alan finally got a chance to meet last night; this completed the circle of bringing everyone into the loop on "Schnack At Night."