Saturday, June 14, 2003

Shaun from RangeMaster showed up today about 5pm and fixed our oven. It has a new pilot and some other new parts and all is good in Schnackland. We had been forced to bake off some pork earlier today at the Red Rail. Starting tomorrow we will have Cheesecake with Caramel Lemon sauce! We may bake off another banana/chocolate bread pudding again as well.

While it was a bit of a slow night at Schnack, we saw plenty of old friends stop by. Mitch and his mom, Rhonda, stopped by for dueling Reubens; one with tofu and one with Pastrami. Zack, known to many as the video guy at Pegasus, is off to NC for a week of consulting.

The good news is we added a Chocolate Shake special with Banana for $3.75, and Alan's special for the weekend is a huge salad w/ two knockwurst! A great deal at $7.50; like many of our other specials, Zack was the first to try the salad knockwurst combination. He loved it.