Sunday, April 27, 2003

On Friday the Daily News did a nice write-up on us. You can see it here.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

A great new week at Schnack. We are working on our next "new" menu. The pork chop is going away and we are adding a side salad.

We are seeing lots of familiar faces come back again and again, including old friends. We also had a visit today from the family who appeared in the picture The Brooklyn Paper took of Schnack. You can see the picture here.

A few members of the family that owns Bagels on the Park and the Gowanus Yacht Club stopped by for dinner tonight; it was really great to see them. They got to pick the records they wanted played (we welcome everyone to pick through our record collection).  We are also seeking record donations! Give your old records a new and happy home!

The past few nights has seen a spike in our post-9pm business, which is really perfect. We encourage everyone to come in late if they want, right up to our 11pm close. Had a few folks come in just for dessert and we welcome that as well. Try a Schnack Brownie with a milkshake, coffee or beer!

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

A couple of new web links..

Go-Brooklyn just wrote about us.  You can read it here:

And we have been getting lots of hits from this web forum. It's interesting to read what people are saying.

Wow! It's been a few days since I was last able to post. We just came through our second full weekend and our second Monday of operations. We were really busy but we have been working hard in the kitchen to keep the quality high.  Let us know how we are doing when you come in. Let us know if you are reading this!

We did make a major decision today that after 3pm we are not going to be serving the breakfast items,  although I'm not sure how that will translate during the weekends. We are also working on updating the menu. We may delete a few items if they are not popular, and basically work at fine-tuning things.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Well today marks the 7th day we have been open. In many ways it seems like a lifetime! We are now doing delivery with a minimum order of $10, and we are starting to run a few specials as well. It may not last long but Alan has made a spicy pear chutney that is incredible! It's great with veggies, pork, or turkey! Ask for it if you like your food spicy!

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Today was a good start to the week. It was snowy and rather bad out, but people found their way to our door and we did rather good business all things considered.

We have decided to start delivery first for lunch and then expand into the evening hours, reserving at first the right not to deliver if we are too busy. But if you live within the few blocks around Schanck and can't stop by for take-out, call and ask if we can deliver.  If we can, we will!

Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. We have had a lot of friends and customers from the Gowanus Yacht Club and Beer Garden stop by, say hi and order a few Schnackies. That's been really great. Also, we have started to see the same faces coming back day after day!

Monday, April 07, 2003

We are now open full-time 10:30 am to 11pm!

Well, we opened 5pm to 11pm on Friday and Saturday, and all day on Sunday.   Many, many thanks to everyone who came in. It got really busy and Alan worked to make sure the dining room was running smoothly.  Jimmy's brother, Paul, and Alan's brother, Jeff, stopped by to visit and got press-ganged into service!! Thanks!!

After 3 days we seem to have a handle on most things. The burgers are selling really well, and the Schanck Cubano has been popular as well. Last night we even did a large takeout order:  12 Schnackies for Lilly of Lilly's Bar. It was the first time we made 12 Schnackies for one order! We have been selling a lot of Milkshakes and Root Beer!

A few other changes -- after a taste test we opted for Mrs. Harding's Cheesecake over Juniors!

Thursday, April 03, 2003


The NY Times was in today to interview us and lots of people stopped by to see if we are open..

The good news, today, Friday, we open... :)

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Everything is in motion at this point. We had a write up today in the NY Times. "Alan Harding, the chef and an owner of Patois in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, is to open Schnack on Friday at 122 Union Street (Columbia Street) in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, serving beer, milkshakes, and burgers."

We completed almost all our shopping and ordering. Things are still coming in, such as the root beer and some of the buns.

Tomorrow (thurs) we are doing our final prep cooking and on Friday we open!! No party, just open the doors and see who comes in!

Ed Raven of Raven Import Co. stopped by today to make sure the beer taps were working perfectly, and Brent came by to work out the last few items on the punch list. Tom Russo came by to show his support for our new venture! John Lippett was in to paint a sign on the door.