Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Gravy and French Fries -- the true golden combination. In the full flush of my teenage youth (age 14) I spent 5 weeks biking through the Canadian Maritime, and on a treeless wind swept isle 8 hours deep into the North Atlantic near white sand beaches an older lady in a small shack of a building sold Fries with Onion Sauce. A light, creamy, runny, tan gravy filled with dark specs of carmelized onion. I've asked Mike to work on the Schnack version. Ours, if we ever make it, will be a bit more spicy and intense.

Last night I was inspired to do all of this by a customer who ordered a plate of large fries and a side of Sausage Gravy! He is traveling into the Maritime and I've asked him to report back on whatever gravy he encounters.

In the meantime, Brandon, who is a rather regular-regular has suggested we run banana and chocolate milkshakes -- I'm working out the details for that next week.