Wednesday, June 04, 2003

A lot of "drama" at Schnack in the last few days.. The biggest is our new menu is out and we have thousand of copies ready to hand out to those who want to take them home so they can get Schnack take-out.

One of our waiters has been going through a rough time and he didn't show up for work today. I was set to cook a double shift but I had to move in to fill the waiter position.  But Doug, on a few hours of sleep, (not expecting to work until Thurs or Fri) stepped up to the plate and worked the double for me. I did the morning table waiting until Chris took over at 4:30.

We also got in the first 10 lbs of our new Fennel Sausage. It's being made for us by our butcher to our specifications. I wanted something that's not like every other Italian sausage in the area, and Alan wanted it to be thin. I had been planning on baking the sausage until it was par-cooked but the oven was in need of repair (more drama). I par-boiled some and it tastes great, although it does have some "spice" to it.. for me a medium amount. In the process of cooking it and making our portions of it, we ended up with some trimmings.

Taking full advantage of Doug's time spent in The South and on oil rigs, I jumped at his suggestion that we use them to make a sausage gravy, thus creating our first special of the day for our new menu.. Two thin Fennel Sausage links over white bread toast with Sausage Gravy (with a side of "potato of the day.")   Yummy pork fat, spices, and starch!!

I'm hoping that Mike runs it tomorrow over grits or something like that.