Sunday, June 08, 2003

Another day another link.. We are listed now in the Brooklyn Blog Directory. We are, as of today, one of the 5 most recently added Brooklyn Blogs and thus are mentioned on their main page The listing says, "It's A Schnack Life: At 122 Union St, is a small Hot Dog joint called Schnack; It sits on Union St, the "Gateway to Redhook." This is the Schnack Blog! | 6/5/2003 12:24:17 PM"

It was a rainy day in Brooklyn which slowed us down a bit.. but we saw plenty of old friends coming in for some beer and burgers.

We are currently running a few specials. We had some extra ground turkey and so we are doing some turkey schnackies. Alan made up some strawberry shortcake and with very minor help from Alan, Doug did a second batch of his "Sausage Gravy."