Friday, December 30, 2005

Fresh Keg Beer

The removing of Dentergems (a great beer, but our least popular one) will allow us from time to time to take advantage of special seasonal beers (as well as beers on special). We are hoping that the first special beer we get will be a keg of Dog Fish Head Punkin Ale.

This is part of the structure of new menu, designed to let us focus on the four most popular areas of our business: burgers, dogs, fresh keg bee,r & unique specials.

Learn more about Punkin Ale.

Learn more about DFH Chicory Stout, used in our award winning Beer Milk Shake..
Chicory Stout


We want to thank everyone who has been supportive of our new menu. We welcome your feedback. Drop by Schnack or email us-->

Thursday, December 22, 2005

New Menu

Our new menu has gone to the printer. We hope it will be in place by this Friday night. (12/22/2005).

We are going to have 3 tap beers, cutting back on the hot plates as we have been focusing on the burgers, dogs, and specials.

Here are some highlights..

fresh ground beef
(1.5 oz. w/Schnäck sauce)
Single (Tiny Bun) 1.65
Double (Tiny Bun) 3.85
Triple/Quad (4 inch Bun) 5.25/6.90
Roasted Pork Single (Tiny Bun) 1.95
Best Deal (Quad, American Cheese, Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato) 8.75

(Sm. Fries + Pint of Schwag Beer OR Fountain Soda)
Single 7.00
Triple 9.50
Super (Quad, Bacon, Cheese, Lettuce, and Tomato) 11.50

Black Angus Beef Hot Dog (Stahl-Meyer) 2.95
Chili & Cheddar Hot Dog 4.95
Swojska Kielbasa (Jubilat,
our best, pepper & garlic) 4.95
Super Knockwurst (Jubilat, pork & veal) 4.95
Vegan (tofu) 4.00
Bird (Turkey) 3.25

Schnäck™ Cubano w/Jubilat Bacon 6.95
Massive Jubilat BLT 5.95
Philly Cheese Steak 6.95
Tofu Reuben 6.00
Schnäck Grilled Cheese w/Bacon and Tomato 5.95

TOPPINGS (on anything!!)
Aho - Jalapeno & Garlic Sauce .60
Ameican Cheese .75
Bacon (2) 1.00
Cheddar, Swiss, Mozz 1.00
Chopped Red Onion (Free)
Fighter Pilot Chili (2 oz.) 1.25
Lettuce & Tomato (L&T) .60
Mayo .65
Mushrooms & Onions (M&O) 1.25
Spicy Hot Kraut .50
Spicy Onions .50
Warm Kraut (Free)

Nogales Plate 9.25
various Mexican + small salad
Really cool veggie plate† 8.95 w/ any sausage 11.95
Tofu or Veggie Duck 11.25 (vegan)
House Salad 6.95 w/ any sausage 10.75
(†served with seasonal side -not vegan)

Sautéed garlic greens 4.95
Bowl O’ Chili, Cheese & Red Onions 6.95
Chili & Cheese Fries 7.95
Cheese Fries 5.65
Basket of Fries 3.75
Basket of Onion Rings 5.00
Seasonal Side (e.g., Slaw, Mashed) 2.95
Polish Slab Bacon, Jubilat (4) 3.00
Beer Jever Schwag Saratoga Lager Pitcher 17.00 13.50 15.00   Pint (.4L) 5.00 3.75 4.50

Red 5.00
White 5.00
PBR $3 ($1.50 on Wednesday)
DFH Chicory Stout 6.00 (dark, full flavored)

Our Famous Beer Milk Shakes -- Chocolate, Vanilla (11 oz in/15 oz to go) 5.00/7.00
Boylans -- Root Beer, Orange, Black Cherry 2.75
Fountain -- RC Cola, Diet Rite, Grapefruit Soda, Ginger Ale, Sweet Iced Tea 2.00
Shakes -- Vanilla, Chocolate, B/W, Orange, Black Cherry, Root Beer (11 oz in/15 oz to go) 4.00/5.00

Floats 3.75
Whole Milk (8oz, 12 oz) 1.65/2.55
Orange Juice (8oz, 12 oz) 1.65/2.55
Coffee (mug) 1.25
Hot Tea 1.00 Hot Chocolate 2.50
Special Tea (hot or cold) 3.00

DESSERTS -- Share It!
Harry’s Famous Warm Chocolate & Banana  Bread Pudding 4.00
Chocolate Brownie Schnäck style 4.30
Banana Split Schnäck Style 5.95

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

New menu news

The final edits on the new menu have been approved and we expect the new menu to go into effect some time between Xmas and New Years..

Thanks for your loyalty the last 3 years. We hope that you will be as excited by our new menu as we are. The menu has been pared down to the basics, and many of the dishes that have been removed will be back as specials.

Specials are one reason we have pared down the menu. We want to be able to offer more specials, more often; specials are something we have become famous for and we want to build on that tradition while still offering quality burgers and dogs.

Grace Lee

A fun thing about the restaurant business is meeting people. Today I had the pleasure of talking on the phone with filmmaker, Grace Lee, about screening her movie, "The best of the Wurst" at Broome Doggs (250 Broome St.).

We called her because last week she actually stopped by Broome Doggs for a currywurst, as she just happened to be staying in the area.

The Grace Lee Project is currently screening at the Film Forum..

Friday, December 16, 2005



Happy Holidays. As a token of our appreciation for your patronage, we have teamed up with the hot new online gift company, dotty basket ( to make your last minute holiday shopping as easy and enjoyable as a meal at Schnack.

Beginning today through Tuesday, December 20, dottybasket is offering all Schnack patrons an exclusive 20% discount on everything in their already respectfully priced online store. To redeem this offer, please type in PROMO CODE: HHH05 on the dottybasket checkout page.

Enjoy shopping. And don't forget to stop by for a Schnack dog to keep up your strength and sanity during this season.

Happy Holidays,

Harry Hawk


We have been doing a lot of parties.. and we have a few more coming up..

Whole Roast Pig..
RC Cola Ribs
Portabella Mushroom Caps
Dogs and Burgers cooked FRESH right at the party!!
Kielbasa, of course..

and lots of other good things..

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

blog awards

Some web awards are going to be given for the best restaurant/food blogs out there..
Click here

Maybe you'd like to nominate some of the blogs you read..

Friday, December 02, 2005

new Menu coming FAST

We have been talking about it for a few months.. Now it's about to happen..

Our new menu is fast approaching. After nearly 3 years with no major price increases and increasing costs of business, it's time to raise our prices and finetune the menu. That means we are focusing more on what had made us famous. Burgers, Dogs, Specials, and of course, Beer.

Many of our plates and other items are being removed from the menu but they will return as specials. For those who know, we like to keep specials around for weeks or months and also to make them a bit seasonal. Ribs and Mac N Cheese in the winter, fresh seafood in the spring and summer.

A major upgrade is our combos will feature a full sized PINT of Schwag! Also, we will just sell beer in pints and pitchers

Here is a sample from the new menu (STILL a DRAFT!@!)

fresh ground beef
(1.5 oz. w/Schnack sauce)
Single (Tiny Bun) 1.65
Double (Tiny Bun) 3.95
Triple / Quad (4 inch Bun) 5.95 / 6.95
Roasted Pork Single (Tiny Bun) 1.95
Best Deal (Quad, Am. Chz, Bacon, L&T) 8.75

Sauteed garlic greens 4.95
8 oz. of Chili, Am. Chz & Red Onions 6.95
Basket of Fries (9 oz) 4.00
Basket of Onion Rings 5.00
Cheese Fries 5.95
Cheese & Chili Fries 8.95
Seasonal Side (e.g., Slaw, Potatoes) 2.95

(2 oz. Fries + Pint of Schwag Beer OR Fountain Soda )
Single 7.00
Triple 9.50
Super (Quad, Bacon, Chz, L&T) 11.50

Black Angus Beef Hot Dog (Stahl-Meyer) 3.00
Hot Dog w/ Chili & Ched. Chz $4.95
Swojska Kielbasa (Jubilat,
our best, pepper & garlic) 4.95
Super Knockwurst (Jubilat , pork & veal) 4.95
Vegan (tofu) 4.00
Bird (Turkey) 3.50

Schnack Cubano w/ Jubilat Bacon 6.95
Massive Jubilat BLT 5.95
Philly Cheese Steak 6.95
Tofu Reuben 6.00
Schnack Grilled Cheese w/
Bacon and Tomato 5.95

TOPPINGS (on anything!!)
Aho - Jalapeno & Garlic Sauce .60
Ameican Cheese .75
Bacon (2) 1.00
Cheddar, Swiss, Mozz 1.00
Chopped Onion Free
Fighter Pilot Chili (2 oz.) 1.25
Lettuce & Tomato (L&T) .50
Mayo .65 / Curry Mayo .50
Mush & Onions (M&O) 1.25
Spicy Hot Kraut .50
Spicy Onions .50
Warm Kraut Free

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Unfolded Burger

Nothing makes me happier than the feeding of people. It's first about serving food they like... then, well, we try to make a few bucks.. but it's often hard to put context around food. There is living for food, and food for living.. At Schnack we try to do both.. The following BLOG entry I think puts Schnack into a nice context..

"November 1, 2005

A Movie that Rocks. I can't stop thinking about Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. It’s one of those movies that creates the feeling that everything is okay — even as it acknowledges all the ways in which things aren’t. Most recently (just now) I was listening to Aretha Franklin doing “You’re All I Need to Get By” and I started thinking (as I’m prone to) about the “you” in that song could be (is) God ... and I thought about the dope-love scene. Also, I swear that few things have brought me as much comfort lately as “The universe tends to unfold as it should.” Reminds me of Lincoln’s story of the wise men who were charged by an Eastern monarch to bring them a sentence that would be true in all places, and all times. They came back with “And this too shall pass away.”

Meanwhile, I have no taste for White Castle burgers ... but the movie has got me obsessed, again, with Schnack."

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Schnack of our lives

We haven't been getting as many blog mentions lately, but here is one...Glad to see we are helping people celebrate!

"now living in ... Carroll Gardens. We warmed their new pad by noshing on delicious burgers from Schnack, love that special sauce..."

Read the whole bit

Monday, October 24, 2005


Some people don't know Art even when they are staring right at it.. Not a problem in Columbus Ohio!


Same name as the movie, but since 1949 Porky's Drive-in has been a fixture in Mansfield Ohio. Great Coney's (hot dogs, Ohio style!).

No Fries, Chips

While Schnack has a knack for nice french fries, not every place can serve fries... there is the famous saying, "no fries, chips!..."

In Ohio, as I often did in my youth, I stopped by a local chip factory for some warm hot off the line potato chips..

Burger Places

In May (2005) I was in Ohio to eat a lot of road food... We had planned a road food adventure this summer but Water Taxi Beach took over my life...

Here are a few pictures from the road..

3 of them are burger joints and 1 of them (Balyeat's) is a super coffee shop near the Ohio / Indiana border.

Kewpee (Lima)
Balyeat's (Van Wert)
Burger Wagon (1917; Miamisburg)
Crabills (1927; Urbana)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Menu update

We are working on updating our menu. We are going to remove a few items from the menu and feature more specials; some of the regular items being removed will come back as specials (often).

We are also, for the first time since we opened in 2003, having to raise our prices on the burgers. We will be bringing the prices in line with our 4th Ave store, and switching from the current Stahl-Meyer hot dogs to the Stahl-Meyer Black Angus dog (which we sold at Water Taxi Beach and sell currently at Schnack #2 and at Broome Doggs).

We expect to have the new menu in place in Nov or Dec.

In the meantime, single Schnackies are still $1 each, get them while they last.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

It's hard to have a single contest and yet, have two winners. Not a tie, of course as it wasn't even close... so what am I talking about?

It's like this... At Schnack #2 @ the Brooklyn Lyceum we had our 1st Annual Open Burger Eating Contest, and to narrow down the field we had an elimination round followed by the actual contest.

The clear winner of the prelim was Arnie Chowhound Chapman who downed 2 single Schnackies in 18.5 seconds. 2nd place in the prelim went to Gentleman Joe who handled his 2 in 33 seconds... making Chowhound the odds on favorite to win.

Then came the main event. As many burgers as possible in 8 minutes. Chowhound did a respectable 18 burgers (that’s about 2.25 a minute).

Gentleman Joe, who was relaxed and well composed bested everyone with an awesome 21 burgers in 8 minutes or 2.65 per minute.

Joe is a world class gentleman and a world class eater… you can check out his ranking... here

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


We are starting to get our contests signed up. We have a good response but we will be signing people up until Noon on Thurs Oct 13th.

So far we have interest from:
SweetTooth, Chris Carew
Hi Pitch Eric
Jason Harris
Aaron Plenty
"Gentleman" Joe Menchetti - winner of the Stahl-Meyer Schnack Dog eating contest
Chris "The American" Schlessinger
Karl "Galactus Kraemer
nichol perez
John Tobin
Christopher Michael Hightower
Chris DePierro

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Open Contest

We should point out that the Schnack Fall Hamburger Eating Contest is an OPEN contest. The event will be open to all who show up who are 18 or older and in good health.

Pre-registration is, however, required.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Friday, October 07, 2005

Burger Eating Contest, Oct 14th, 227 4th Ave Brooklyn NY 8pm

Announcement: Burger Eating Contest, Oct 14th, 227 4th Ave Brooklyn NY 8pm

Schnack Restaurant is proud to announce our 1st FALL hamburger eating contest. The contest is sponsored by Schnack and the Brooklyn Lyceum. Master of Ceremonies will be independent filmmaker and hamburger documentarian, George Motz. Additional sponsors include: NY Water Taxi and Water Taxi Beach, Jever Pilsener Beer.

The winner will be the person who eats the most burgers in 8 minutes.

Photographs are available of our tiny 1.5 oz burger.

Real New York City food for Real People!

Potential contestants should contact Harry Hawk, via email

Our rules are simple:

1) No deconstructing of the burger and/or bun.

2) Swallowing without sufficient chewing is grounds for disqualification (based solely on the judges' determination).

4) The contest is open to any person 18 years or older, in good health, who is not affiliated with Schnack or any of the sponsors or competitors.

5) Contestants and winner agree to allow use of their likeness in advertising and promotion before, during and after the contest.

6) Contestants 21 years or older can wash down their burgers with a cold mug of Jever Pilsener beer during or after the contest.

The Burger

George Motz rates the Schnack burger one of the top four in NYC. He isn't the only one who likes it.. Our tiny, tasty, and juicy little burger is perfect by itself or 3 or 4 at a time.

The Prize:

The winner will receive prizes from Schnack, The Brooklyn Lyceum, Jever Pilsener Beer, and New York Water Taxi / Water Taxi Beach. Schnack $100 Gift Certificate, 4 free tickets to a musical or stage event, a Hamburger America T-Shirt (size XXL), New York Water Taxi / Water Taxi Beach (a L or XL shirt and a free 2 hour party for 6 people during the 2006 season., Jever Pilsener gift (TBA).

Hamburger America

Following the event, George Motz will screen his documentary Hamburger America, "A documentary about some of the best burgers in America and the people behind them."
George will also answer questions following the screening. Signed copies of Hamburger America will be available for sale.

Schnack and the Brooklyn Lyceum

Schnack is open at the Brooklyn Lyceum 7 days a week. By Oct 7th it will be open for breakfast and dinner. It will be open until 2am or later. Breakfast is from 7am to Noon. Weekend Brunch hours are TBD.


227 4th Ave. Brooklyn NY 11231


Main Media contact
Schnack is a joint venture between Harry Hawk, Alan Harding, and Jim Mamary founded in 2003 and located at 122 Union St., Brooklyn NY , 718 855 2879 serving food 7 days from 11am to 1am, closing at 2am. Contact Harry.

Our second Schnack is now open located at 227 4th Ave at the Brooklyn Lyceum.

ERIC RICHMOND has been a fan of Brooklyn history since he first appeared on
3rd Place in Carroll Gardens in 1988. The more he looked, the more he
learned and the more he respected the talents, drive, and vision of those
that built a city into a national powerhouse of business, art, sports,
culture, and industry.

The Brooklyn Lyceum (a.k.a. Public Bath #7) is his contribution to polishing
up that historical luster.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

New Schnack

Here is some news from the BLOG Sphere... on the new Schnack

Read the News about the new Schnack!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

New Schnack Attacks Park Slope!

It's official..

We are open at 227 4th Ave within the Brooklyn Lyceum (4th Ave. near President Street). We are:

a) open for Breakfast 7am to Noon

b) open when the Lyceum is open

c) starting Monday open 7 days a week

d) open for dinner 5pm until Late..

e) not sure when we are open? Just call 718 857 4816 and ask the friendly staff!

f) need to cater an event for 50 or 200 or 300 people? Schnack @ the Brooklyn Lyceum is a great bet!

Friday, September 23, 2005

summer's over

Summer is over; was over at 6:33 on Wednesday this week.. so our $2 PBR special is over..

For good news, our Yam Fries ($4) are back.

FYI, in about 1 month we have a new menu and new prices; suggestions welcome.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Well, for us, summer is over...

We are still a bit slow from people being on vacation, and many of our plans for the summer didn't come through (including our road trip...), but the Beach got built, and we have been doing a bunch of catering lately and things are generally fairly well..

Our friend Paul is getting ready to leave NYC in favor of a few months in the north country and then a few more in China..

And there are many good things afoot..

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Thanks George

Schnack staff and owners want to thank George Motz for stopping by Schnack along with the camera crew from UPN Channel 9 (WWOR) to promote his hamburger class @ NYU.

Soon, more Schnack

more Schnack coming soon!

Monday, August 01, 2005

summer time

Summer is going well at Schnack. We hope everyone is enjoying theirs as much as we are. Some really big news is coming soon.. But the best news so far is that Water Taxi Beach is doing really well.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Looking for Fun? Lots of sand? Great views and some tropical drinks? Burgers and Dogs? Then you need to find your way to Water Taxi Beach! (  Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 11, 2005

Harry LIC Bar & Grill at sundown; please come visit us next Friday, Saturday, or Sunday at Water Taxi Beach Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Top 3

Who says it's bad to be cheap. Check out CitiSearch.. Cheap Places to Eat in NYC

1. Mamoun's Falafel
119 Macdougal St, New York, NY
A Village landmark for cheap falafel and shawarma.

2. Burger Joint
118 W 57th St, New York, NY
A hidden hall in Le Parker Meridien's lobby transports New Yorkers to hamburger heaven.

3. Schnack
122 Union St, Brooklyn, NY
A neighborhood fixture where the burgers are as bite-sized as the bill.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Break out the sparklers and the red-white-and-blue Speedos. This all-American food orgy catered by Schnäck’s Harry Hawk promises an all-you-can-eat cookout fit for a Japanese hot-dog-eating champ (burgers, RC Cola ribs, corn on the cob, grilled tuna, beer shakes, full bar), a perfect view of the Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks with the Manhattan skyline in the background, and a ride on a NY Water Taxi. Who says summer in the city sucks? $110, includes water-taxi transportation.
July 4, from 11 A.M., at the NY Water Taxi Hunters Point Ferry stop; Call 718-624-2527

See it online

Friday, June 24, 2005

It's been long rumored but it's here..

Write up.. again

Here is a nice bit of prose from the editors at citisearch...

Listing a few places for cheap eats or a few places to take a date on the cheap or perhaps a place or two to take a cheap date...

About Schnack, they wrote, "Too grown-up to go out for a milk shake? Ask for two straws and order up this neighbohood joint's beer float."

Click here to see the whole thing..

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Michael Sofronski

Thanks to Michael Sofronski ( we have the following pictures of the Schnack "Dorito Brie" and "Philly Cheese Dorito-way". These are not on the regular menu but are available for any of our private parties, catering, etc.

Dorito Brie


Philly Cheese Dorito-way

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Monday, June 06, 2005

New Directions

I've been impressed by Google Maps, and here is the LINK to our location using Google Maps..

The RAW URL is here ->,+Brooklyn+NY&spn=0.007797,0.014139&hl=en

This URL is a lot smaller and is actually readable vs. the one from MapQuest...

Sunday, June 05, 2005

GO Brooklyn

Thanks to the Brooklyn Papers for covering our hot dog eating contest!

Read it here

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Contest pictures

Some pictures from our contest..
1st place winner still hungry (note the dog being handed to him!)

Here is Boro Pres Marty and Chef Harry

The media showed up (which was great!)

and we had 5 super eaters...

and a great crowd to both watch and to eat free stahl-meyer hot dogs!

Monday, May 30, 2005

We have a Winner

We have a winner for our dog contest.. His name is Joe and he ate the dog (and bun) in 1 minute and 30 seconds. Afterwards, he had room for a few more regular Stahl-Meyers.

Joe is a regular competive eater, but he doesn't earn his living that way... but as we said all are welcome to our contest as long as they follow the rules, which Joe did. He enjoyed his dog with Brooklyn Water and JEVER Pilsner.

Pics to come.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Nice Review

Thanks to "A Hamburger Today" for this great review

"...Schnäck brings back fond memories. My first tiny burger experience occurred here only two years ago. From that point on, I was changed. I could no longer live in a regular-sized burger world..."

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

need eaters

Our hot dog contest is May 30th, but this weekend
on the 21st and 22nd we are holding our OPEN heats...

We are seeking non-pro eaters who want to compete in
our 1st annual hot dog contest...

On the 21st and 22nd, the heats are being held at 3pm, 4pm and 10pm..
PLEASE call 718 855 2879 to sign up!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Our Dog Contest

Our hot dog contest will be at 1pm on Memorial Day @ Schnack (122 Union St., Brooklyn). -- PLEASE Sign up - Call 718 855 2879

We are having open heats for those who wish to enter on May 21 and 22nd @ 3pm, 4pm and 10pm...

While our single 30 inch custom made in NYC dog is rather LARGE, you have to consider that at the "professional" eating contests they regularly eat 20 times the amount of dogs.. so imagine one dog 600 inches... and THEY don't even chew!!

This is this Schnack still life; burgers, pickles, fries, rings, Coke (now serving RC Cola), and a hand dipped chocolate milk shake! Posted by Hello

These are our famous onion rings Posted by Hello

This is a copy of the large billboard that is on our wall. Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Our Dog

Our 30 inch hot dog will be used in a dog eating contest... Final contest to be held on Memorial day..

If you're interested in competing...
Open heats are on the 21st and 22nd (Sat and Sunday) @ Schnack 3pm, 4pm and 10pm...

Individuals can call 718 855 2879 to sign up; the "sign up fee" is $2 paid at the event. Must sign up by the 18th. Companies can call the same #.

(We are also looking for companies to hold heats at their offices; we will come and set up and let 6 to 8 people battle it out... the week of the 16th). Cost is $25 per company, limited offer, winner MUST be available to compete on Memorial Day and/or semifinal if needed.)

Winner of each heat goes to final or semifinal (depending on how many we get). Winner MUST be available to compete on Memorial Day and/or semifinal if needed

Winner of each heat gets $20 Schnack gift certificate.

Semifinal to be on May 28th late afternoon if needed.

Location for contest final on Memorial day is TBD.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I'll have more stories from the "road" trip I had to Ohio in a few days.. But this is a short break to let the world know that our hot dog is bigger than yours... Not that bigger is always better, because we do know taste matters too. Our hot dog is 30 inches long, custom-made for us by the Ferris Stahl-Meyer company in The Bronx NY; they have been making dogs there (in the Bronx) since 1836. The bun, 28 inches long comes from Caputo's Bakery of Court St, who have been baking in Brooklyn for 100 years... We have been here 2 years, so that's 271 years of flavor, taste and quality!

Where do you find this giant dog? Stay-tuned!

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Camp Washington

Camp Washington

The story of America is the story of self-governance and the “social compact” that we somehow have all agreed to. In NYC, that often seems to mean little more than every person for himself or herself. My journey to Cincinnati is the tale of a rather different society. Perhaps it does show that there is some hope for America and (perhaps) some actual differences between Red and Blue states…

Our highways are divided into various lanes. For some there is the fast lane(s) and the slow lane(s) but for those "in the know” there are traveling lanes and passing lanes. Like most states, in Ohio there were many posted signs saying that if you're not passing you should stay to the right (and thus keep the passing lane(s) open for passing). What was nice was that people actually complied. More interesting was on the drive into downtown Cincinnati, through 675 and 75 South, some electronic signs indicated that there was an accident at Exit 7 and the left lane was blocked. These signs posted this info about 4-7 miles in advance of the accident. What was truly amazing is that everyone (and this was rush hour with many cars on the road) stayed in the right lanes (except for 3 cars out of thousands). There is no doubt that if this was NYC that many drivers would have driven in the left lane “until the last possible second” and then try to merge into the right lane(s). Thus blocking the left lane for any emergency vehicles and (based on queue theory) really slowing everyone down. What should have been a nearly endless traffic jam instead turned into a rather minor slow down.

Part of the social compact is that good restaurants are hard to find and that the best ones don’t change their location and décor. Camp Washington Chili is an exception to that rule. The place has been around since 1940, but the current building is new and modern. The food was good. Cincinnati-style chili, a slightly sweet all-meat chili (e.g., no bean) served over spaghetti. In this case, there are options for beans, onions and shredded cheddar. They also serve hot dogs with “Coney” sauce. My only complaint was I would have preferred the spaghetti more al dente.

Columbus Ohio

Tuesday it must be Columbus... Ohio...

The trip from Zanesville to Cincinnati was easy and took us through Columbus. Lunch was at the Columbus Museum of Art (CMA). Museum food ranges from often horrid to the occasionally sublime, but it's usually, in all cases, overpriced and served by unhappy attendants left over from some defunct grade school cafeteria. The food at CMA was very good, and for the quality of it, very reasonably priced. First, the menu was limited to 2-3 entrees plus a few soups. While the café itself, called the Palette Café, was open from about noon to 3pm, the meals are only served until 1:30. Least you think that a limited menu and limited service hours are an issue, I can assure you they are in fact the very hallmark that guarantees quality. There was a warm wild mushroom soup with roquefort, and a chilled almond peach soup; both were great. I had some salmon cakes with a balsamic vinegar reduction and some haricots verte. Everything was very reasonably priced, served on very interesting china, and served not by wage slaves but by museum volunteers (Women's Board members) ensuring that the service was charming, friendly, and so forth.

The museum ( itself is a nice collection of American and European Masters; there was also a nice selection of traveling shows (e.g., Monet to Matisse) and a special hands-on exhibit for kids. For those who know me, my eyes were drawn to their sculpture garden, as well as sculpture placed around the outside of the museum and within a brightly lit “ballroom.” The Louise Nevelson was inside and very interesting. Outside there was an interesting abstract Henry Moore (three piece reclining figure; draped 1975) and some other work, maybe one by Julian Schnabel but it was hard to tell as the info “plate” was rather faded…

Much of the entire trip has been marked by some wind and rain, and the trip through Columbus was no exception. After leaving the Museum we journeyed a few blocks to German Village; an area in the southern end of Columbus where many people of German descent settled and built homes and businesses using similar architectural styles including buildings of modest size constructed of brick. The rain precluded much photography and stopped us from walking about. I did make a quick driving tour of the area and stopped by the welcome center (Meeting Haus) to see a short video on the area. What was noteworthy was how much of the area survived intact and that the preservation of the area dates from the 1950s. After avoiding Starbucks and indulging at a local clone (Cup of Joe) I headed west to Cincinnati.


It's been a few days since I've had net access... In Cleveland now and will visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tomorrow.. What's has happened between Zanesville and Cleveland? Just stay tuned... more later..

Monday, April 25, 2005

Back to Ohio (for the very first time!)

I left NY/NJ a day late given the weather (snow, hard rain, and so forth) and some personal concerns about taking such a long journey. So it was Sunday morning when I left for Ohio. About 7 hours later, a quick jaunt down I-80 and there it was, "Welcome to Ohio."

What does Ohio look like? It looks like America; for some that's bad I'm sure, but for me it was more like reassuring.., the Home Depot here looks just like the one in Brooklyn... and I already speak the language. And there is a sacrament that we all share, theist or atheist and no matter how we voted in the last election cycle. That sacrament is food.

Sunday night brought me to Barberton and the famous Barberton Chicken. 5 famous places to choose from... I chose Hopocan Gardens; it was good, better than good in fact. The chicken came in several size portions from regular to large to extra large to family size, and also broken out by white and dark meat. I had a large order of thighs and legs (~$8) and a large order of Chicken Paprikash with dumplings (~$9) and a pitcher of Diet Coke ($4.95). Everything came with sides. I had apple sauce, fries, mashed, and slaw (mayo free, acidic, and sweet). What I didn’t have was the hot sauce… to much time on the road for anything spicy that night. Then it was on to the hotel, a clean and well-located Motel 6 near North Akron.

Monday a.m. ... The breakfast special ($1.99) at the local Steak and Shake and then a quick ride to Mansfield and the Jones Potato Chip Company for some "warm" chips, and then a ride to Porky’s Drive-in for some great treats like a Hot Dog with Coney sauce (rather spicy onion and tomato sauce with some Italian seasoning), sauerkraut balls, and homemade chicken soup. The owner was a very nice gentleman who took the time to say hello and gifted me a Porky’s Mug, which I shall bring back to Schnack. Then I took a ride through backcountry farmland (Ohio Route 60 and 36) with water hazards (there were some high water signs and high water due to recent heavy rains). Very pretty all in all... very nice and very much NOT Brooklyn. We stopped by the Killbush Sweetshop for some amazing ice cream (a local brand called Smith and Ruggles ) and then the Interstate (I-77 to I-70) to Zanesville, where I'm typing this now... Probably will not have net access the rest of the trip so the next writeup maybe in a few days... (Don't try to call me either, the rent-a-car isn't able to charge my cell phone for some reason either..)

Thursday, April 21, 2005


Dine in Brooklyn is over, but once again, helped us bring in lots of new people. Our $19.95 lunch for 4 or dinner for 2 will continue to run through the end of this weekend. Then it (as well as the Mac N Cheese) will also go off the special menu.

This weekend we have Grilled Chicken Hero w/ lots of garlic and herbs.  It's also part of the Nogales Plate (hero, 2 chili tacos, small salad).

The boss will be away from April 23 to May 2nd; he is visiting Ohio and tasting all sorts of great American road food to help finish our plans for a road food menu all summer..

Monday, April 11, 2005

Dine In B

Dine In Brooklyn is here, 183 Places you can get a 3 course dinner for $19.55--- At Schnack you can get a  3 course dinner for two people!! Or lunch for 4 people.. WOW..

Monday, April 04, 2005

2 years..


Today was a big day.. for a few reasons. It was our 2nd anniversary. How did we mark the day? By arriving this morning and finding that the security gate didn't work and it took Alan and crew a few hours to get it working again. Thanks Alan!

After that it was business as usual!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Zagat Survey 2006

/soap box on

There are two types of food people:  those who think only the critics know best, and those who believe in the popular vote. I'm a fan of both, in truth, because each has its own place... The critics need to be consistent; the popular vote only needs to speak it's own egocentric voice.

What's this all about? It's the for the Annual Zagats survey. Schnack isn't even one of the restaurants listed, but I encourage everyone to vote the own ego for those that are. Zagat 2006 Survey

There are those who put down Zagat because they lack the rigor of the critics; "how can the Grocery be so good?" (Is it or isn't it?). The critics can afford to eat at every fancy French place in town because they don't pay with their own $$$. When people vote, they only vote what they know. So OK.. It doesn't make it RIGHT in the absolute since, but it makes it something to consider. Read what the critics write because they are paid to do that, and paid to be on target. Read Zagat to see what other New Yorkers from all walks of NYC, have to say. 'Nuff said!!

/soap box off

Monday, March 28, 2005

Our Dog

In 2003, the Village Voice said we had the Best Hot Dog in NYC, and if you search through this blog there is a link to a website that notes we have the 2nd best dog in America.. Well.. maybe that's too much hype but we have always been pleased to use the Stahl-Meyer Hot Dog and cook it so it is both hot and juicy!

Here is a little bit on their history from

In 1894 Louis Meyer founded Louis Meyer & Company in Brooklyn, supplying smoked and cured hams, bacon and sausage. With his business in good shape, in 1923 he built a large three-story brick building at Wyckoff and Cooper avenues in Ridgewood at a cost of $400,000. It had a rail siding with the Long Island Rail Road. In February 1924, he invited all of his customers to a housewarming visit to his new plant. By the late 1930s he merged with Stahl to form Stahl-Meyer, which was known for its 100 percent beef hot dogs. It supplied all three of the major league ballparks in New York City. Tom Wiegand researched and found that Ferdinand Schaller and Anton Weber both had worked for Stahl-Meyer before they founded their own business in 1937.

In 1980, Milton Rattner organized Hansel ’n Gretel Brand, Inc., a provision supplier catering to supermarkets that had deli departments. The company is located at 79-36 Cooper Ave. in Glendale. Its processing plant is housed in a historic building where the Brunner-Winkle Aircraft Corp. made parts for the Bird biplane in 1930-31. In this 1992 photo, the structure on the right is the former “annex” building of Brunner-Winkle. Today, this building and the one to the west of it are connected to form one large complex for Hansel ’n Gretel. It added a second story to the southern end of the “annex” for a sales showroom.

Diagonally across from its plant, Stahl-Meyer constructed a baseball diamond, which was called Stahl-Meyer Oval. The company sponsored a baseball team, the Stahl-Meyer Browns, in the Queens Alliance, and they played their home games at Stahl-Meyer Oval. Subsequently, the company merged with Ferris in the Bronx, which produced Sabrett hot dogs. The new company was called Ferris, Stahl-Meyer. It closed the plant in Ridgewood and moved the production to the Bronx.

Sunday, March 27, 2005



If anyone wants us to try making this item.. let me know, and with enough support we will give it a try..

Chop Suey Sundae
Source: the old National Soda Fountain Guide

1/4 cup granulated sugar
1/4 cup water
1/4 cup raisins
1/4 cup dates
2 scoops vanilla ice cream
1/4 cup flaked coconut
1/4 cup chow mein noodles

Boil the water and sugar together for 5 minutes and then add the raisins and dates. Pour over the ice cream and top with the noodles.

The only one

We thought we might be the only place, more or less, that takes orders until 1am and then stays open until 2am..

The following is excerpted from the NY Times about LA's "Dan Tana's"

"Though Los Angeles is a town where even the most popular restaurants can be deserted by 10:30 p.m., in true New York style the kitchen at Dan Tana's takes its last order at 1 a.m.; the restaurant is open until 2.

Mr. Tana, a Yugoslavian soccer star, defected to the West in 1953 with hopes of playing soccer in the United States. Instead, he found himself in Hollywood playing bad guys in movies including "The Enemy Below" (1957). (He also lent his name to the lead character in the television series "Vega$.")

Mr. Tana is neither Italian nor even from New York, yet he has created what many people view as a shrine to their old East Coast stomping grounds."

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Great Ham specials coming to an end

Hey Easter weekend is coming up.. Some in your family probably want something simple to eat like a great Schnack burger, but maybe someone else wants a great ham dinner. Well, come to Schnack on Saturday March 26th or Sunday the 27th and we will have our special Easter Ham Dinner. A special Jubilat Ham served with garlic mashed potatoes and garlic greens (Swiss chard). $9 a plate.

Order two or more and get FREE dessert!!!

Don't have any of your own LEFTOVERS? Get a Ham and Swiss and Tomato Hero for $6

Our winter menu is coming to an end. The soups are gone already and
the Mac 'N Cheese is about to go (Available til April 5th). We will
also hang up the heavy meat items like Braised Short Ribs with
Mushroom Gravy. (Running the last time on March 28 until they run out.
Our summer menu will start off featuring Swiss Chard sautéed with
Garlic (running now for $3.50), Polish Brats (boiled in beer and
char-grilled $5), and our special regional road food (info to come in
early April!!).

More blogging .com

A nice review from March 19th... Although they call the Beer Milkshake a Beer Float; it doesn't float. It's a shake, meaning like a milkshake... we of course do offer root beer floats!

"...we left The Hook and walked to a place nearby called "Schnack." Schnack wins my vote as the absolute, hands down, best latenight grub that I've ever had. And they even have a blog! It is like White Castle but a thousand times better and with beer floats. Yes. BEER FLOATS. A glass of beer with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream in it. I am so hooked, it's not even funny. The mini sliders or "schnackies" (flat little hamburgers) are phenomenal, fries: perfect, beer float: totally tubular. And it's open at one o'clock in the morning. So last night was pretty close to heaven..."

Here is a link

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Doing well

We are doing well, no matter how you LINK it..

Here are two links that puts things into prospective..

Link 1

Link 2

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Dine In Brooklyn

Thanks Marty!

That's what every one should say after they chow down on some food during the Dine in Brooklyn program. This years program, like last years, starts on April 11th!

This year the program will feature meals for $19.55, the year of Brooklyn Dodgers' World Series victory. Thanks to all the Boys of Summer including Johnny Podres.

For many restaurants, $19.55 is a good deal for dinner for 1, but that doesn't really fit into the value pricing @ Schnack. So as always, we making up a few of our own rules.

For lunch, $19.55 gets' you "lunch for FOUR". At dinner time, $19.55 gets' you a meal for TWO. Here are the details.

12 Single Burgers
2 Baskets of French Fries
1 Basket of Onion Rings (Best in NYC)
4 RC Colas or 4 8 oz. Swag Beers
+ a Banana Split

1 Basket of Fries
1 Basket of Onion Rings (Best in NYC)
6 Singles
1 Mac N Cheese with Kielbasa
1 Harry's warm Banana Chocolate Bread Pudding
2 RC Colas or 2 8 oz Swag Beers.

Monday, March 07, 2005

This year is turning 10!! To celebrate we've launched a
Culinary Trivia Sweepstakes, Reader Recipe Contests and more at

Read on to learn more. Hopefully you'll find these so fun and exciting
yourself that you'll want to share it with all your readers/users. is announcing the Epicurious Culinary Trivia Sweepstakes at
This fun, entertaining, and interactive game incorporates both a trivia quiz and
an instant win component. The trivia game questions users on their knowledge
of food and Epicurious. In the instant win game, users get the chance to
blow out candles on a birthday cake celebrating the 10th anniversary of
Epicurious. If they match 3 icons behind the burnt out candles, they win
great prizes including KitchenAid stand-mixers, gift certificates from Home
Bistro and Jessica's Biscuits, gift pacts from Illy Caffe and Curious Cooke
and the grand prize of a one-week culinary holiday in Tuscany.

This is surely something you might enjoy

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Thanks Mike

I wanted to thank Mike Daisey and his charming wife, Jean-M, for stopping by Schnack the other night for a very late night dinner. Mike had the courge to try our lastest kitchen experiment "turkey stuffed squid!"

Read Mike's BLOG!

Saturday, February 19, 2005


Everyone loves shorties.

Hang with one of our shorties... Short RIBS that is!

We have been selling a whole mess of short ribs the last few weekends and we expect to be selling a lot more in the next few weeks.

$8 -- One 5 to 8 oz beef rib, mushroom gravy, and garlic mashed potatoes.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Meat today


We have had trouble once again finding the Johnsonville Brats so we might not be running them as specials...

We are going to have some beef goulash starting tonight...

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Schnack Valentine's Day Specials 2005

Schnack Valentine's Day Specials

Show your love with garlic! For Valentine's Day 2005, Schnack will be offering its Garlic Special: garlic spinach, a garlic single, and garlic and apricot glazed ribs (smoked) for $10.50; order for two and it’s only $18.98 + get a free Banana Split.

Want to show your love? Don’t love garlic? Any couple that is willing to show their love by kissing will get 1/2 off a Banana Split.

Schnack garlic spinach is fresh spinach sauteed with garlic, oil, and finished with sesame seeds.

Schnack garlic single is our regular single burger (1.5 oz Mini) served with Schnack Sauce and a dab of garlic jalapeño aioli.

Our Jubilat smoked pork ribs are glazed with an apricot and garlic sauce, and served with garlic mashed potatoes.

Our banana split is made with any combination of chocolate and vanilla ice cream and topped with our homemade lemon caramel sauce, our homemade strawberry compote, and Fox’s UBet Chocolate Sauce.

The banana split offer is open to any couple of legal age (18+) without any further restrictions; no other purchase required.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Ever since Jim, Alan, and Harry started thinking about Concept Schnack, they started thinking about Brats. But the famous Brats from Johnsonville were not available in NYC. They now are. So for the next several months, on Tuesdays, we will be buying a box and running them as a special while they last, on a hot dog bun, with tomato, chopped red onion and kraut; $4.25 while supplies last. Right now they are served grilled to perfection; when we say grill we mean griddle; If you want yours done on the char-broiler, just ask. Starting with the next batch (Jan 24, 2005), they will be boiled in beer and then grilled to perfection!.

What's BRAT? Click here!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Beer Milk Shake

It's about a year old and you have to scroll to the bottom of the page to see the Schnack reference, but check out...