Saturday, November 05, 2005

Unfolded Burger

Nothing makes me happier than the feeding of people. It's first about serving food they like... then, well, we try to make a few bucks.. but it's often hard to put context around food. There is living for food, and food for living.. At Schnack we try to do both.. The following BLOG entry I think puts Schnack into a nice context..

"November 1, 2005

A Movie that Rocks. I can't stop thinking about Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. It’s one of those movies that creates the feeling that everything is okay — even as it acknowledges all the ways in which things aren’t. Most recently (just now) I was listening to Aretha Franklin doing “You’re All I Need to Get By” and I started thinking (as I’m prone to) about the “you” in that song could be (is) God ... and I thought about the dope-love scene. Also, I swear that few things have brought me as much comfort lately as “The universe tends to unfold as it should.” Reminds me of Lincoln’s story of the wise men who were charged by an Eastern monarch to bring them a sentence that would be true in all places, and all times. They came back with “And this too shall pass away.”

Meanwhile, I have no taste for White Castle burgers ... but the movie has got me obsessed, again, with Schnack."