Saturday, October 15, 2005

It's hard to have a single contest and yet, have two winners. Not a tie, of course as it wasn't even close... so what am I talking about?

It's like this... At Schnack #2 @ the Brooklyn Lyceum we had our 1st Annual Open Burger Eating Contest, and to narrow down the field we had an elimination round followed by the actual contest.

The clear winner of the prelim was Arnie Chowhound Chapman who downed 2 single Schnackies in 18.5 seconds. 2nd place in the prelim went to Gentleman Joe who handled his 2 in 33 seconds... making Chowhound the odds on favorite to win.

Then came the main event. As many burgers as possible in 8 minutes. Chowhound did a respectable 18 burgers (that’s about 2.25 a minute).

Gentleman Joe, who was relaxed and well composed bested everyone with an awesome 21 burgers in 8 minutes or 2.65 per minute.

Joe is a world class gentleman and a world class eater… you can check out his ranking... here