Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Great Ham specials coming to an end

Hey Easter weekend is coming up.. Some in your family probably want something simple to eat like a great Schnack burger, but maybe someone else wants a great ham dinner. Well, come to Schnack on Saturday March 26th or Sunday the 27th and we will have our special Easter Ham Dinner. A special Jubilat Ham served with garlic mashed potatoes and garlic greens (Swiss chard). $9 a plate.

Order two or more and get FREE dessert!!!

Don't have any of your own LEFTOVERS? Get a Ham and Swiss and Tomato Hero for $6

Our winter menu is coming to an end. The soups are gone already and
the Mac 'N Cheese is about to go (Available til April 5th). We will
also hang up the heavy meat items like Braised Short Ribs with
Mushroom Gravy. (Running the last time on March 28 until they run out.
Our summer menu will start off featuring Swiss Chard sautéed with
Garlic (running now for $3.50), Polish Brats (boiled in beer and
char-grilled $5), and our special regional road food (info to come in
early April!!).