Friday, December 02, 2005

new Menu coming FAST

We have been talking about it for a few months.. Now it's about to happen..

Our new menu is fast approaching. After nearly 3 years with no major price increases and increasing costs of business, it's time to raise our prices and finetune the menu. That means we are focusing more on what had made us famous. Burgers, Dogs, Specials, and of course, Beer.

Many of our plates and other items are being removed from the menu but they will return as specials. For those who know, we like to keep specials around for weeks or months and also to make them a bit seasonal. Ribs and Mac N Cheese in the winter, fresh seafood in the spring and summer.

A major upgrade is our combos will feature a full sized PINT of Schwag! Also, we will just sell beer in pints and pitchers

Here is a sample from the new menu (STILL a DRAFT!@!)

fresh ground beef
(1.5 oz. w/Schnack sauce)
Single (Tiny Bun) 1.65
Double (Tiny Bun) 3.95
Triple / Quad (4 inch Bun) 5.95 / 6.95
Roasted Pork Single (Tiny Bun) 1.95
Best Deal (Quad, Am. Chz, Bacon, L&T) 8.75

Sauteed garlic greens 4.95
8 oz. of Chili, Am. Chz & Red Onions 6.95
Basket of Fries (9 oz) 4.00
Basket of Onion Rings 5.00
Cheese Fries 5.95
Cheese & Chili Fries 8.95
Seasonal Side (e.g., Slaw, Potatoes) 2.95

(2 oz. Fries + Pint of Schwag Beer OR Fountain Soda )
Single 7.00
Triple 9.50
Super (Quad, Bacon, Chz, L&T) 11.50

Black Angus Beef Hot Dog (Stahl-Meyer) 3.00
Hot Dog w/ Chili & Ched. Chz $4.95
Swojska Kielbasa (Jubilat,
our best, pepper & garlic) 4.95
Super Knockwurst (Jubilat , pork & veal) 4.95
Vegan (tofu) 4.00
Bird (Turkey) 3.50

Schnack Cubano w/ Jubilat Bacon 6.95
Massive Jubilat BLT 5.95
Philly Cheese Steak 6.95
Tofu Reuben 6.00
Schnack Grilled Cheese w/
Bacon and Tomato 5.95

TOPPINGS (on anything!!)
Aho - Jalapeno & Garlic Sauce .60
Ameican Cheese .75
Bacon (2) 1.00
Cheddar, Swiss, Mozz 1.00
Chopped Onion Free
Fighter Pilot Chili (2 oz.) 1.25
Lettuce & Tomato (L&T) .50
Mayo .65 / Curry Mayo .50
Mush & Onions (M&O) 1.25
Spicy Hot Kraut .50
Spicy Onions .50
Warm Kraut Free