Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Zagat Survey 2006

/soap box on

There are two types of food people:  those who think only the critics know best, and those who believe in the popular vote. I'm a fan of both, in truth, because each has its own place... The critics need to be consistent; the popular vote only needs to speak it's own egocentric voice.

What's this all about? It's the for the Annual Zagats survey. Schnack isn't even one of the restaurants listed, but I encourage everyone to vote the own ego for those that are. Zagat 2006 Survey

There are those who put down Zagat because they lack the rigor of the critics; "how can the Grocery be so good?" (Is it or isn't it?). The critics can afford to eat at every fancy French place in town because they don't pay with their own $$$. When people vote, they only vote what they know. So OK.. It doesn't make it RIGHT in the absolute since, but it makes it something to consider. Read what the critics write because they are paid to do that, and paid to be on target. Read Zagat to see what other New Yorkers from all walks of NYC, have to say. 'Nuff said!!

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