Sunday, March 27, 2005

The only one

We thought we might be the only place, more or less, that takes orders until 1am and then stays open until 2am..

The following is excerpted from the NY Times about LA's "Dan Tana's"

"Though Los Angeles is a town where even the most popular restaurants can be deserted by 10:30 p.m., in true New York style the kitchen at Dan Tana's takes its last order at 1 a.m.; the restaurant is open until 2.

Mr. Tana, a Yugoslavian soccer star, defected to the West in 1953 with hopes of playing soccer in the United States. Instead, he found himself in Hollywood playing bad guys in movies including "The Enemy Below" (1957). (He also lent his name to the lead character in the television series "Vega$.")

Mr. Tana is neither Italian nor even from New York, yet he has created what many people view as a shrine to their old East Coast stomping grounds."