Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Dine In Brooklyn

Thanks Marty!

That's what every one should say after they chow down on some food during the Dine in Brooklyn program. This years program, like last years, starts on April 11th!

This year the program will feature meals for $19.55, the year of Brooklyn Dodgers' World Series victory. Thanks to all the Boys of Summer including Johnny Podres.

For many restaurants, $19.55 is a good deal for dinner for 1, but that doesn't really fit into the value pricing @ Schnack. So as always, we making up a few of our own rules.

For lunch, $19.55 gets' you "lunch for FOUR". At dinner time, $19.55 gets' you a meal for TWO. Here are the details.

12 Single Burgers
2 Baskets of French Fries
1 Basket of Onion Rings (Best in NYC)
4 RC Colas or 4 8 oz. Swag Beers
+ a Banana Split

1 Basket of Fries
1 Basket of Onion Rings (Best in NYC)
6 Singles
1 Mac N Cheese with Kielbasa
1 Harry's warm Banana Chocolate Bread Pudding
2 RC Colas or 2 8 oz Swag Beers.