Friday, October 01, 2004


I'm up in Maine... near Deer Isle. Things have been great weather-wise... which means a few nice days and not too much fog!

The first afternoon "on Island" we stopped over to Little Deer Isle at Eaton's Lobster Pool.. a "lobster shack" since the mid 60s that has evolved into a more inside and more upscale dinning... The original owner, Gene Eaton, is still around but sold the business last year. There a few changes like the relocation of the gift shop from one side of the place to the other, and the addition of an actual bar with some micro brews.

The good news? The fried clams (whole, native) were amazing. Best I've ever had. The shore dinner, ,about 8 bucks when I was a kid, was now $20. And the lobster, barely 1.25 lbs and a soft shell to boot (boo!), was, on the bright side, cooked within a second of perfect.

Other than that I've been, of course, cooking my own feasts with the exception of a trip to Connie's. Overlooked by many as they explore the finer side of Island dining, Connie's offers great local favorites like fried or broiled haddock sandwiches, homemade donuts, and great fried fish!

Making some of your own lobster? Have some shells left over? Hmmm...make some lobster stock and make some lobster Risto!