Monday, October 11, 2004

In the Post

The NY Post has been really writting us up lately.. Here is the lastest..


October 3, 2004 -- Oprah has done wonders for reading with her monthly Book Club, but with all due respect to the daytime diva, she's behind the times.
It's hard enough to get through the iPod manual, let alone a novel, and leisurely reading is taking a back seat to a more immediate pleasure - eating.

Every couple months, Hawk chooses an ethnic restaurant and leads a group of intrepid eaters through a five-course dinner, keeping the tab under $30 per person.

Hawk started the club two months ago by e-mailing like-minded friends and is seeking only those with a desire for dishes that might be "an acquired taste."

The first Brooklyn Food Club dinner was at Teeda, an authentic Thai spot on Columbia Streeet in Brooklyn where the feast included Todd Man Pla (fried fish cakes), sea scallops with curry sauce,and Thai custard with ice cream.

Brooklyn Food Club:, or email