Monday, October 25, 2004

Mac N' Cheese N' Stuff

Aside from requests for some really good chicken wings, the biggest request we have is for Mac'N Cheese.

After trying the excellent Mac'N Cheese from Mama Duke's on Oct 18th and seeing a recipe for Mac 'N Cheese from "HOME," I have started to work on our Mac N' Cheese. The inspiration comes from "HOME" who doesn't bake it but rather they make it in a skillet to order. I've always imagined baking it and then trying to sell it out in one night because it just isn't as good the next day.

It's still very much a work in progress, but we will use pasta, some type of cheddar cheese, blanched onion, and tomato. We also have an option for the addition of any sausage. Hot Dog for the kids, Swojska for the adults.

We tasted it today in the kitchen with some friends of Schnack and with a few guests. So far all thumbs up.

The main issue, since we will make it to order, is can we produce it in 10 minutes or less?

Stay Tuned!!!