Thursday, November 20, 2003

Specials Again

We have a few current specials. We are running the last of the stuffed Cabbage. We have Judy's Sweet & Sour Beef Brisket with P.O.D. and a small salad ($6) or as a Hero ($5).

A new dish, perhaps never before made anywhere before it emerged from the creative gnomes at Schnack, is Polish Congee, otherwise known as Rice Porridge. It's more on the thick and creamy side (no dairy) than as it's traditionally made; it's normally soupier and thinner. It contains Japanese short grain rice, water, Schnack Salt, Polish bacon, Kielbasa (both from Jubilat), onion, garlic and of course lots of Brooklyn water! + a secret ingredient.

It's only our first attempt so it's likely to get better next time we make it, but it's pretty good already. We are especially thankful to Chef Alvin Koh who gave us a few suggestions to start us off, and to our business neighbor Mrs. Lee who had a few suggestions of her own. Also, thanks to Sally at CyberExpress for taste testing.

Read more about Alvin Koh here and here