Friday, August 15, 2003


Where were you when the lights when out? We were Schnacking. We pulled the tables out on the sidewalk and we cooked until the sun went down. We didn't cook that many meals, but we certainly helped some people who otherwise didn't have a place to eat. Interesting as well, a number of families used Schnack as their emergency meeting place. The griddle wasn't working but we cranked up the charbroiler and turned out the most amazing Schnackies!

Today, Friday, we got power back early and we didn't lose too much "stuff." We did lose some fish and ice cream. I hit the food warehouse early, which got its power back at 4:30am.  I found them stocked to the gills and mostly empty of people, so I loaded up on everything we would need for the weekend. It turns out that was a good thing  With many people taking the day off, Friday was one of our busiest days ever.