Sunday, August 31, 2003

NY Mag

We certainly want to thank NY Mag for including us in the 100 Cheap Places to Eat in NYC. It was a great help to us in "getting the word out." Here is just one example of some people who checked us out because of the article.

"Anyways, I'd picked up a copy of New York magazine at the airport, which had an article for "100 Great Meals under $25." One, Schnack, touted these tiny burgers that (a) definitely rival White Castle in terms of taste-for-the-size and (b) talked about homemade Orange Juliuses. When I hit Shan up with that bit of information, that was the clue-in for us to go.

It's down in Brooklyn, the corner of Union and Columbia (or very close to it).

Phenomenal food - we each ordered four burgers. Two of mine came with "Schnack sauce" (thousand island dressing with a lot of various spices thrown in, VERY good); we ordered the homemade onion rings and fries. The onion rings were lacking in batter, but that's what made them good. REALLY good.

We each had beer - Shan had one, I had two -- and that was enough to get us succinctly plowed and ready for bed."