Tuesday, August 05, 2003

It would be an understatement to say that the last 3 weeks at Schnack have been busy. There are a lot of things I have wanted to mention here but haven't had the time.

1) Our friends who traveled into Canada reported back saying French Fries there are served with a beef gravy. We will probably try a pork gravy based on the "jus" from our garlic roasted pork sometime this fall.

2) Mike had an urge the other night and brought in a bunch of pork ribs which he braised and then almond crusted; they sold almost as well as the blueberry hotcakes we have been running for breakfast!

3) Many thanks to the Schnack softball team, although they didn't win their playoffs they were all big winners in our book for both their love and devotion to the game and of course to post-game PBR's.

4) We have catered a few parties in the last few weeks and that has gone well; special thanks to David and Company who we did our first catering job for.

5) So many other people I'd like to thank; the most important are those who have come in when we are really busy and who have been happy and relaxed enough to sit back, enjoy a cold beer or milkshake, and wait for all of their food to be cooked to order!

6) Also a big Schnack thank you to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle which ran a full-sized broadsheet page on us, me and my partners, and some of their various Brooklyn eateries we are associated with.

7) Huge thanks to the owners and staff at Bagels by the Park (323 Smith) who have been so supportive in the last year of everything we have done!