Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Thanks KG

Monday was a bit of a watershed event for us -- our first really major off-site catering job. We made and prepared food for 120 people. Our famous SINGLE Schnackies were prepared on-site as well as some great fresh kielbasa (grilled with hardwood charcoal.)

The menu included:

World Wide Stout Beer Shakes
Onion Rings
Mini Tuna Melts
Sweet & Sour Brisket on Polish Rye
Our Spicy fried Chicken Wings
Jubilat Cherrywood smoked pork ribs with Schnack apricot and garlic glaze
Pork Stuffed mushrooms
Spicy Chicken stuffed mushrooms
Seared Tuna on Sesame/Rice Crackers
Cheesecake, Browines and Fresh Warm Bread Pudding