Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Rut Hut

I'm only about 5 miles away from NJ's best known hot dog stand, Rut Hut.  Nothing fancy, just a nice big long ordering counter and lots of long eating counters... but I had a really nice hot dog and some fries.

Why visit the Rut Hut?  It's well known in road food circles and I wanted to start off my research into road food with something truly special. Well..., we could do better. Our hot dog isn't as greasy but probably not quite as tender either; but ours does taste just as good... and well, ours is 75 cents cheaper!

But this Road Food Adventure that Schnack is about to take part in isn't just about comparing our dog to theirs. It's about being inspired by the food that makes America great! The Rut Hut was inspiring :)