Monday, July 26, 2004

Mike and Charles

Our favorite living monologist is of course Mike Daisey. The greatest American writer, living or dead, is without a doubt CHARLES BUKOWSKI.

On AUG 16TH it sounds like Mike and a few others will attempt to "channel" Charles, or at least drink some vodka and have some fun. I'm going to join and I suggest you do too..

Mike Writes:
"NEW YORK CITY: On August 16th I'll be performing in A TRIBUTE TO
CHARLES BUKOWSKI at Fez on the occasion of Mr. Bukowski's birthday.
Joining me will be Jonathan Ames, One Ring Zero, Amy Sohn, Miss Bunny
Love, Vincent Gallo and a cast of thousands. Expect stories of sodomy,
pederasty, deviant behavior and unexpected moments of human contact,
all done while the participants drink a liter of vodka apiece. Hooray!

The show is at 8pm at Fez, Lafayette and 3rd Street, at 8pm. Cover is
$10, and reservations can be made at 212.533.7000.

Wherever you happen to live, take care and have a great summer"