Thursday, October 30, 2003

Brunch Time

Well, we "soft-launched" a new brunch menu this past weekend. We think it worked out really well. Five tasty selections all for $8.45, and at the same time the entire regular menu is available for someone who just wants a good $4.50 Chili Cheese omelet! This is really something that we have been wanting to do for a long time but it's really a big effort to introduce a new menu with entirely new ingredients that have to be sourced, purchased, stored and of course prepared.

The Schnack partners meet last week and we decided it was time to "get on with it." It was really easy, now a few months into our operation, to pick the menu. A few things that we normally don't have like Smoked Salmon (we use Nova Tidbits (trimmings), and a few things we always have like lots of Jubilat bacon and vegetarian Duck.

Only time will tell if this menu works well enough to bring out more people on Saturday and Sunday AM into Schnack, but that is our objective here. We are trying to stay within our basic "flavor range" but come up with a full brunch meal for a good price; we include a drink, unlimited coffee and/or tea, and plenty of food!