Monday, April 07, 2003

We are now open full-time 10:30 am to 11pm!

Well, we opened 5pm to 11pm on Friday and Saturday, and all day on Sunday.   Many, many thanks to everyone who came in. It got really busy and Alan worked to make sure the dining room was running smoothly.  Jimmy's brother, Paul, and Alan's brother, Jeff, stopped by to visit and got press-ganged into service!! Thanks!!

After 3 days we seem to have a handle on most things. The burgers are selling really well, and the Schanck Cubano has been popular as well. Last night we even did a large takeout order:  12 Schnackies for Lilly of Lilly's Bar. It was the first time we made 12 Schnackies for one order! We have been selling a lot of Milkshakes and Root Beer!

A few other changes -- after a taste test we opted for Mrs. Harding's Cheesecake over Juniors!