Friday, March 14, 2003

We have been meeting about the menu for the last month. Hopefully tomorrow it will be more or less final, and then we have to decide if we are going to make it super fancy in Quark or just publish it directly out of MS Word. The good news is that we are going to be using Jubilat as one of our major suppliers. They make hand crafted Polish sausage and deli meats and are located in Brooklyn. We used them last year at the Gowanus Yacht Club; the "Yacht Club" was famous for the "Polish," which is a garlic enhanced Kielbasa called a Swojska. We will be serving Swojska along with a more basic Kielbasa and their Knockwurst. Along with regular store bought bacon we will be serving Jubilat's slab bacon, which is meaty, ham-like and not overly salted (ok it has salt but not as much as cheap store bacon which seems to have ONLY salt!; if you're on a low-salt diet stay away from the Bacon!!)

We want to get some other Brooklyn products on the menu. We are hoping to get a great NYC cheesecake like Juniors; I hope we can get it!

What else? Well you'll have to wait until the website is ready, or until you can come into the store, but the menu will also include Schnackies, our version of "sliders"....small grilled hamburgers for a buck (or so). We will also do double and triple burgers that contain multiple Schnackie patties. And of course we will have lots of Beer! Four types on tap plus a few bottles and cans, and for those who enjoy it, Root Beer as well (probably Boylan's).