Saturday, March 29, 2003


I wanted to mention Jubilat, which is one of the best Polish butchers anywhere, and they happen to be located on 5th Ave. in Brooklyn. I really urge every to stop by their shop if you enjoy hand crafted sausages and other meat products, as well as loafs and hard sausages. But interesting enough, I was searching on Google to see if I could learn anything more about them and I ran across an online Journal housed by the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with the SAME name!.

"Jubilat delivers the best in contemporary poetry along with art, interviews and prose... In addition, Jubilat re-introduces lost or neglected talent that may have been passed over by the standard canon."

At least for us at Schnack, sausage is an art form! Especially the lost art of hand made kielbasa! If anyone knows more about what the word Jubilat means in Polish or any other language, please let us know :)