Thursday, April 08, 2004


Chowhound is often a mixed bag of opinions and those looking for the finest of dining generally don't cotton to dives and dive wannabes like Schnack. Here is a really nice note posted to Chowhound about our all you can eat specials!

"If you're looking for low-budget, a friend of mine had a successful gathering of about 20 recently at Schnack in Carroll Gardens. It's not exactly a culinary standout - their thing is sliders, fries and beer - but what they do, they do well, and I find that the main thing with big groups like that is having everything taken care of in advance so everyone can just relax and enjoy. Talk to the manager - they require a reasonable deposit for a special party deal that keeps the beer and food coming, unlimited. We really had fun there.

It's a little further out, but Veranda Turkish restaurant on Coney Island Avenue down by Avenue U is really delicious. It's a huge place and they would definitely accommodate a large group"