Thursday, March 18, 2004

Dine In Brooklyn

When Time Out New York predicted that Manhattan was the NEXT Brooklyn, it really set the tone for those of us who really feel Brooklyn isn't some part of NYC that, "you don't go to."  For many of us, Brooklyn is the most interesting part of NYC -- Where we live, work, play and hmmm Eat!

For those in the know, Brooklyn has been part of NYC since the boroughs came together in 1898. So it's no surprise that when Brooklyn "City Hall" put together a "dining" program, the price per meal has been set to $18.98.  Now, that's a great price to pay for a 3-course meal, except of course if your're at Schnack where, well, that doesn't just buy a meal, it buys a feast!

So keeping with our "Schnack" tradition of putting our own spin on things, the $18.98 special at Schnack will be a meal for TWO; it will include everything from beer to coffee.

It isn't final, but what we are considering is:

2 Med Schwags or 2 Cokes
6 Singles with Cheese
Onion Rings (the best in NYC!)
Small Fries
Warm Banana Chocolate Bread Pudding or a Schnack style Brownie
Tea or Coffee for two

Let us know what you think!