Sunday, February 08, 2004

Tie a Knot

Few things in life are as complex as the interaction that leads to attraction between the sexes; The little glance that leads to a date that leads to marriage. Of course, just having a wedding today can be rather elaborate, but never shy about getting things going early, many couples have elaborate engagement events. I'm not talking about the parties for the recently engaged, but rather the twists and turns that many couples go through when preparing to "ask the question."

We had a couple who are fond customers of Schnack who on this very day have woven us into their engagement tale...

The twists and turns in this case was a hunt of clues and answers that led the would be, yet unsuspecting, bride to be on a bit of hunt. At Schnack she had to order some special special. Something the Groom had written out and posted on the specials board. Ryan, the groom said, "I wanted her to go to each place we had great memories together, and Schnack happens to be one of the best. It all lead up to me and an engagement ring." Of course she said, "yes."

They thank Schanck for letting us be part of the riddle that brought them together.

Of course we thank them for letting us be a part of their lives.

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