Friday, July 04, 2003

More tidbits:

Alan's TV show, formerly known as "The Real Food Show," is now known as "Cooking in Brooklyn." I have to update the website with the new show name.

The "Schnack Partners" met on Thursday to review our status after almost 3 months in business. Things have been good and steady. Our current plan, however, is to nearly abandon breakfast and concentrate on the late night crowd which is the most growing part of our business. We have a lot of plans to work out and we have to communicate this to the team, but our current plans are by mid-July to be open and taking orders from from 11am to 1am, with the dining room closing at 1:30am. On Thursdays the dining room will remain open later with Schnack at Night.

After more work by Mike and a taste test by Zack (who said he liked both of them), we have replaced our "old" curry mix with a new one. It starts off sweet and ends up spicy and it goes with everything! At 50 cents for 2 oz. it's a "bargain!"

Curry Burgers
Turkey Curry
Curry Knockwurst
Curry Tofu Ruben
Curry Veg Plate
Curry and Fries

You get the idea!